Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Medicinal Plant Symposium

Spend a day exploring at the Medicinal Plant Symposium on Tuesday, October 15, at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Learn from six medicinal plant experts about traditional and current uses of medicinal plants in your garden to the health food store to other continents. Join us as we go in-depth to discover: 1. plants and animals in traditional Chinese medicine, a diverse pharmacopoeia with a 5,000 year history 2. use of herbs to aid people experiencing emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances 3. herbs that can be harvested from your garden each season to promote health 4. how horticulturists are improving the production of Artemisia annua for the fight against malaria 5. herbal formulas in Chinese medicine that can be used for common ailments such as colds, upset stomachs and pain relief 6. the UGA Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden on the UGA campus, featuring over 150 species of ethnobotanical importance This symposium will be held from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm in the Callaway Building Auditorium, The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, 2450 South Milledge Avenue, Athens and costs $60 (including a buffet lunch.) Preregistration is required. Before the morning break, two State Botanical Garden staff members will talk about plants available in the plant sale that is open to the public from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. For more information about the symposium and instructors or to register call 706-542-6156 or visit botgarden.uga.edu.

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