Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrating Earth Day 2015

This Wednesday, Earth Day, SBG had a large seed sowing work day for the Elaine Nash Piedmont Prairie Project. An SBG team and volunteers sowed three years’ worth of increase seed of Georgia native grasses and wildflowers. All seeds were sourced from the Georgia Piedmont. This is a second planting of seeds developed through a partnership with the US Forest Service, working to restore and recreate two sites for Piedmont Prairies, one of Georgia’s most critically rare habitats, and a priority project listed in the State Wildlife Action Plan.
Botanical Garden staff member Heather Alley, an expert on prairie restoration, led this seed development project for SBG. Linda Chafin, another staff member involved, is an expert in the biology and botany of Piedmont Prairies.


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