Friday, December 4, 2015

Orchid Madness 2016

Orchid Madness

This February is all about Orchids at the Garden!  Orchid Madness is back for its second year and for 2016 it’s taking over the whole month!

Orchid Madness 2015 display.
Orchid Madness is an annual fundraiser for the Horticulture program allowing us to expand our plant collections.  Attendees have the option of buying an all access pass for $80 or attend any of the individual events.  Register here.

Orchid Madness Opening Reception
Saturday, February 6                             6:00-8:00 pm
Visitor Center & Conservatory             Price: $50
Enjoy a wine and cheese reception with live music and very special orchids on display.  The orchids displayed will be from private collections and only available for viewing that evening.

Orchid Madness: Orchid Repotting
Saturday, February 13                                      10:00 am
Visitor Center                                                   Price: $15
The Northeast Georgia Orchid Society is leading this workshop, where attendees can bring up to two plants and containers and work with an expert to repot their plants.

Orchid Madness: Orchid Class
Saturday, February 20                                       10:00 am
Visitor Center                                                    $10
Join our orchid class to learn about orchids and their care from the Northeast Georgia Orchid Society.

Orchid Madness: Vanilla Sunday
Orchid Madness 2015
Sunday, February 28                                          4:30 pm
Visitor Center & Conservatory                          $20
Did you know that vanilla flavoring is extracted from the pods of an orchid plant? Let’s celebrate the vanilla bean orchid with treats like a vanilla martini or dessert from Freddy's Frozen Custard!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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