Friday, August 15, 2014

Blustems and Bluejeans: Native Plant Sale

A native plant sale will be held October 1-4 and 8-11 at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia's Mimsie Lanier Center for Native Plant Studies.  The sale will be open 4-6 pm Wednesday - Friday and 9 am - noon Saturday both weeks.  All sales benefit the Garden's Conservation programs.

This special sale will feature nearly 200 species of Georgia native plants grown from Georgia seeds and raised at the Mimsie Lanier Center for Native Plant Studies.   Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to stock up on plants, consult with experts on site and get a look behind the scenes in the Center for Native Plants greenhouses.

The native plants for sale support wildlife in the area. “Purchasing plants that were originally sourced from wild Georgia populations supports the natural rhythms and cycles of Georgia flowering plants and their pollinators,” explains Jennifer Ceska, Conservation Coordinator at the Botanical Garden.  “You don’t want a Monarch butterfly showing up for the party when the Milkweed are not in flower!”

There will be several species of well-known wildflowers including Bee Balm, Sunflowers, Beardtongues, Georgia Aster, and Milkweeds.  All of these are drought tolerant and beautiful. This sale will also be an opportunity to discover dozens of other native wildflowers.

Native trees, shrubs and grasses will also be for sale, which Ceska explains are “valuable for providing nesting materials, brooding sites, and food sources adult and baby birds.”

A complete plant list can be found at during the weeks of the sale.  There will also be directional signs in the Garden to guide you to the Center.

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